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Contrary to popular belief


Two months before our launch, we had the opportunity to meet with Liz Godek and her team from the Detroit Pistons. At this point, we were still focused on launching our website and last minute wedding planning, but if an NBA team offers you the opportunity to pitch your idea for their upcoming season’s VIP ticket holder gifts, you absolutely cannot say ‘no’! This was our first client meeting, our first experience presenting Open Me When to a real, prospective buyer.  We were nervous and excited, and couldn’t wait to hear feedback from people who were discovering the anticipation and amusement of seeing a box full of goodies, unwrapping the gifts, and reading the stories for the very first time. We must have done something right because we were ultimately given the honor of creating 275 custom boxes to represent the Piston’s move to Little Caesars Arena and their love of all things Detroit.